Almost 3 decades of experience working on high profile projects, combined with industry leading expertise, have allowed PCE POWER to design and manufacture the highest quality uninterruptible power supply, power conditioning and solar products. Our solutions incorporate the most efficient and robust devices and system components to provide the highest degree possible of protection and energy saving.

We take great pride in providing complete solutions. This includes all modes and levels of protection being designed into each and every system we build, eliminating the need for additional equipment to be added to address the total system requirements. Instead of cobbling together standard products, we provide a customized engineered solution to meet customer needs, ensuring protection and power quality through every mode of operation or potential crisis such as blackouts, brownouts and power surges.

Solutions provided by PCE POWER for businesses are based on four fundamental pillars:

These solutions allow companies to focus on growing their business and sharpening their core competencies. Below is a chart that will help you determine which UPS system you need for your home, enterprise, data center or others.

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