The solutions that PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. offers for businesses are based on four fundamental pillars: reliability, redundancy, manageability, and scalability. PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. provides solutions that allow companies to focus on growing their business and sharpening their core competencies.
The need for power protection devices at home is becoming increasingly important with the progress of technology and the rise in the sophistication of home appliances. At home, users need to protect their PCs in order to prevent hardware damage and avoid data loss. Power problems nowadays are more common than ever, and with the proliferation of the Internet and other networked environments, power surges via data lines have become an additional form of threat to your PC.Moreover, home users nowadays also need power protection for sensitive electronic appliances such as high-end audio entertainment devices and home theater systems.

PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. provides home users with a full range of solutions that offer power protection and backup to PCs and other home equipments. PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. recommends the following product lines for use in home solutions:

• For home entertainment systems, TVs, and PCs, home-office PC workstations, we recommend the MAX and M8 Series: an innovative design that blends a powerful surge protector with a UPS to provide you with a
 neat power backup feature on top of consistently clean and safe power.

• For different kind of loads such as home appliances (lamps, TVs) and consumer electronic equipments we recommend the Casa and XPL Series: the Casa UPS/Inverter Series is a powerful all-in-one solution, it delivers unsurpassed clean true sine wave output power and combines this with a selectable multistage battery charging current. The XPL UPS/Inverter system with its integrated charging system serves as an extended run UPS, a standalone power source or an automotive inverter. 
Banking Sector 
For financial institutions, having secure uninterrupted operations is a matter of paramount importance. The smallest glitch in data instantly yields in disastrous results. For this reason, a financial institution cannot afford to let anything cause the slightest disruption in its operations. Power protection is one link in the chain that forms the financial institution’s security shield. It is a building block over which other physical and logical security measures are laid. These measures, no matter how secure and reliable, will not function properly if they were laid on top of a weak power infrastructure. 

PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. offers financial institutions solutions tailored to their stringent reliability and security needs. Our line of on-line UPSs provides your institution with the highest power quality with parallel configurations that provide complete redundancy as well as load sharing. Our power systems utilize the latest technology in UPS design to provide a truly redundant system. 
In addition to redundant parallel configurations, PCE's UPS units provide features designed to increase the productivity. For instance, our powerful power management system provides remote monitoring, control, and alarms which minimizes administration overhead. The system collects rich statistical data pertaining to your power solution which can be analyzed proactively.

• For applications that require the most reliable uninterruptible power available, our VX, X9 and MX Series delivers a best-in-class power solution that provides maximum protection, availability and reliability.

• PCE’s MX and X9 Series boasts a true on-line design to meet any specific need for power, battery backup time, and redundancy. It is capable of acting in a parallel configuration which is ideal for redundancy and load-sharing, while maintaining high utilization efficiency at the same time. This simple upgrade setup enables you to easily modify your existing solution whenever your load requirements change.

• PCE’s MX Series of on-line UPSs is designed to provide the ultimate performance in power protection and redundancy with up to four redundant machines suitable for most critical applications. The MX UPS is easily scalable up to 160kVA depending on your need. It utilizes state-of-the-art power protection innovations, such as galvanic isolation transformer and input power factor correction to provide the highest power quality.
In today’s office environment, providing a reliable and consistent power supply is a necessity that businesses cannot afford to compromise. The majority of work performed by today’s workforce is carried out or supported using computer workstations, servers, network switches, routers, and storage systems that all require high availability of a reliable power source.

PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. strives to provide businesses with peace-of-mind knowing that they have a reliable power safety-net regardless of what power problems might irrupt. PCE broad range of UPS systems is capable of accommodating any need that a small to medium size business requires. Our solutions are suitable for all equipment that a business uses to conduct mission-critical operations. A broad range of extra features such as software monitoring and remote control capabilities are designed to simplify the power management process and increase overall productivity.

 PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. provides business users with a full range of solutions that offer power protection and backup to workstations, servers, and other office equipment at a great value. For complex system requiring a first-rate power source to sustain high-availability, PCE recommends using an on-line UPS in an enterprise setting such as one from our VX, X9 and MX.

The VX Series is designed to provide continuous utility power protection for critical system installation delivering the optimum level of reliability, purity and power.

The X9 Series offers unmatched power quality, availability and flexibility, it acts as a secure power infrastructure that guarantees the delivery of the highest power quality to your sensitive electronic equipment without any interruption. With its 2-in-1 Tower Rack design, the X9 UPS can be easily added to your server and network switching racks. Parallel redundant configuration is also available for X9 Series 6~10kVA to provide you with increased capacity, safety and reliability.
The MX Series 1~40kVA boast a true on-line design to meet any specific need for power, battery backup time, and redundancy. It is capable of acting in a parallel configuration which is ideal for redundancy, load-sharing, and expandable power capacity while maintaining high utilization efficiency at the same time. PCE's  Series represent a world class, redundant, scalable power protection system designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability. Such systems ensure that the energy supplied to your load is of the highest quality, and provide 100% redundancy in the unlikely event of a unit failure.

PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. has a long history of working with the public and educational sectors to provide clean and reliable power meeting their specific needs.
Here at PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc., we understand that these institutions have specific procedures and business cycles for such acquisitions and we work hand in hand with the institution to design and implement the best solutions.

In today’s world, IT has become an essential part of government and educational institutions, and thus, providing power protection to safeguard your investment and ensure continuous operation becomes vital. For this reason, PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. Created a multitude of solutions designed to provide you with redundancy, reliability, manageability, and scalability:

• For desktop workstations, PCE suggests the power protection provided by our M8 and MAX Series of line-interactive UPSs.

• For server PCE recommends the X9 and MX/MX RM Series which provides a pure sine output and is available in tower and rack-mountable configurations for easy installation in your server rooms.

• For high-availability servers and network infrastructure equipment, PCE recommends the VX, X9 and MX of on-line UPSs which provide unmatched power quality and availability.

• In situations where the whole premises needs reliable uninterruptible power, our MX Series provide fully-redundant power solutions, that utilize a parallel or hot-standby architecture, designed to cost effectively provide high levels of availability.

Organizations operating in the healthcare sector are well aware of the importance of having a pure and reliable power source which is available at ALL times. Any power disruption is likely to have disastrous consequences translated into huge losses in equipment or even in human life.

Besides the need to provide redundant uninterruptible power at all times, healthcare providers have to ensure the quality of power that their sensitive equipment receives. Imaging and diagnostics equipment have to be provided with pure and reliable power source to provide optimal results. Power pollutants such as noise, harmonic distortion, and frequency variations cause interference that would distort the accuracy of the equipment and would shorten the life of its electronic components.

For healthcare applications, PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. highly recommends deploying redundant solutions that utilize a parallel architecture. PCE’s MX Series of on-line UPSs is designed to provide the ultimate performance in power protection and redundancy with up to four redundant machines suitable for most critical applications. It ranges from 10kVA up to 40kVA with the ability to reach 160kVA when connecting four units in parallel. MX UPS is equipped and designed to simplify and accelerate daily monitoring and maintenance tasks.

PCE’s MX Series 10~40kVA/33 may also be used in a fully-redundant Hot-Standby configuration. Such systems are ideal for a healthcare provider’s IT infrastructure whose power redundancy is as critical as other operations in the organization. The MX Series UPS can be fully integrated with PCE’s static switch assembly. This setup provides additional protection against possible problems in power distribution system by immediately switching to AC mains in the unlikely event of a fault within the UPS system itself.

To get the most effective power buffering system for a healthcare environment, PCE recommends MX Series 10~20kVA/31, a true on-line UPS designed to meet any specific need for power, battery backup time, and redundancy. MX Series is capable of acting in a parallel configuration and offers an upgrade setup to enable you to easily modify your existing solution whenever your load requirements change. 

PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. has a full range of Batteries that are well suited for telecom’s DC-powered equipment such as cellular stations, optical switches, wireless relays, or Central Office equipment.

PCE has introduced also different other products such as UPS, Telecom Inverters, Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Solar Power Systems to suit the needs for a telecom application:

• PCE provides a complete line of UPS Solutions for AC- powered telecom equipment protection.

• The outstanding dynamic performance PCE Inverter Series matches the requirements for state-of-the art telecom equipment, powering AC-based equipment in central offices, BTS, BSC or MSC.

• For conditioning of power for critical applications like telecom, the PCE Servo Voltage Stabilizer provides end to end solutions conserving energy and avoiding detrimental overheat.


• PCE's Solar Power Systems are widely used in telecommunication applications, for reliability, simplicity and cost effective reasons, other benefits include long product life and low maintenance due to superior design.

Please contact PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. or the nearest representative to get a full demonstration of our range of telecommunications-geared solutions.

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